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    FirstService / First Service Management Reviews, Complaints

    1855 Griffin Road, Suite A-330
    Dania Beach, FL 33004
    Customer Care Center 855.333.5149
    Telephone 954.926.2921
    Fax 954.920.5312

    Telephone: 800.927.4599
    Customer Care Center: 866.378.1099

    840 7th Ave S.W., Suite 1100
    Calgary, Alberta T2P 3G2
    Webber Centre
    5555 Calgary Trail, Suite 1301
    Edmonton, AB T6H 5P9
    Telephone: 403.299.1810
    Fax: 403.299.1813
    Customer Care Centre: 1.855.266.3601
    After Hours Emergency: 1.855.266.3602

    9000 East Pima Center Parkway, Suite 300
    Scottsdale, AZ 85258
    Telephone: 480.551.4300
    Fax: 480.551.6000
    Telephone: 855.333.5249

    200 Granville Street, Suite 700
    Vancouver, BC, V6C 1S4
    Telephone: 604.683.8900
    Fax: 604.689.4829
    Toll Free: 1.855.683.8900
    Customer Care Centre: 1.855.273.1967
    After Hours Emergency: 604.683.8900

    15241 Laguna Canyon Road
    Irvine, CA 92618
    Telephone: 800.428.5588
    Fax: 949.448.6400
    Toll Free: 800.428.5588
    After Hours Emergency: 800.428.5588
    Telephone: 888.679.2500
    Telephone: 800.428.5588
    Please Mail Payments to:
    (Your Association Name)
    c/o FirstService Residential California
    P.O. Box 62053
    Newark, NJ 07101-8060
    Telephone: 949.448.6003

    209 5th Street
    Bethany Beach, DE 19930
    28 Allegheny Avenue, Suite 515
    Towson, MD 21204
    Telephone: 1.800.998.4640
    Fax: 610.650.0700
    Customer Care Center: 1.866.433.3187

    2950 North 28th Terrace
    Hollywood, Florida 33020
    Telephone: 954.925.8200
    Customer Care Center: 866.378.1099
    After Hours Emergency: 866.378.1099

    3400 Peachtree Road, N.E.
    Suite 1700
    Atlanta, GA 30326
    Telephone: 678.624.9453
    Fax: 770.521.2146
    Customer Care Center: 877.411.1165
    After Hours Emergency: 678.624.9453

    303 East Wacker Drive, Suite 1900
    Chicago, IL 60601
    Telephone: 312.335.1950
    Fax: 312.335.1955
    Customer Care Center: 877.999.6491
    After Hours Emergency: 877.999.6491

    28 Allegheny Avenue, Suite 515
    Towson, MD 21204
    138 Industry Lane, Suite 1
    Forest Hill, MD 21050
    Telephone: 1.800.998.4640
    Fax: 610.650.0700
    Customer Care Center: 1.866.433.3187

    3000 Davenport Avenue, Suite 201
    Canton, MA 02021
    Telephone: 877.877.4537
    Fax: 617.479.8819

    8100 Old Cedar Avenue South, Suite 300
    Bloomington, MN 55425
    120 1st Avenue North
    Minneapolis, MN 55401
    Telephone: 952.277.2700
    Fax: 952.277.2739
    Customer Care Center: 952.277.2716
    After Hours Emergency: 952.277.2700

    11125 Ambassador Drive, Suite 200
    Kansas City, MO 64153
    Telephone: 816.414.5300
    Fax: 816.454.0661
    After Hours Emergency: Maintenance - 816.304.7320 / Property Manager - 816.304.2896

    MAIN OFFICE - Southern Nevada
    8290 Arville Street
    Las Vegas, NV 89139
    MAIN OFFICE - Northern Nevada
    639 Isbell Road, Suite 280
    Reno, NV 89509
    702.215.5077 -Southern Nevada
    775.624.8805 - Northern Nevada
    702.737.3360 - Southern Nevada
    775.825.3705 - Northern Nevada
    Association Disclosure Department Email:

    21 Christopher Way
    Eatontown, NJ 07724
    2000 Linwood Avenue, 1C
    Fort Lee, NJ 07024
    Telephone: 1.800.310.0326
    Fax: 732.380.1821
    Customer Care Center: 1.866.433.3187

    622 3rd Avenue, 15th FL
    New York, NY 10017
    Telephone: 212.634.8900
    Fax: 212.634.3946
    24/7 Customer Care Center: 212.634.8911

    5970 Fairview Road, Suite 710
    Charlotte, NC 28210
    Telephone: 704.527.2314
    Fax: 704.527.1304
    Customer Care Center: 1.855.5.4MYHOA
    Wilmington (Virtual Office)
    2316 S. 17th St.
    Wilmington, NC 28401
    Tel: 910-839-9033
    Fax: 910-839-9034
    Asheville (Virtual Office)
    37 Haywood St., Ste 200
    Asheville, NC 28801
    Tel: 828-367-9994
    Fax: 828-393-0982

    2645 Skymark Avenue
    Suite 101
    Mississauga ON
    L4W 4H2
    Telephone: 416.293.5900
    Fax: 416.293.5904
    24/7 Customer Care Line: 855.244.8854
    4750 Yonge Street
    3rd Floor, Unit 357
    Toronto, ON
    M2N 5M6​
    Telephone: 416.450.3745

    400 Campus Drive, Suite 101
    Collegeville, PA 19426
    3 N. Columbus Blvd.,Suite 300
    Philadelphia, PA 19106
    Telephone: 215.600.0015
    Fax: 610.650.0700
    Customer Care Center: 1.866.433.3187

    1 Overlook Cir
    North Providence, RI, 02904
    Telephone: 1.800.870.0010

    11822 Highway 17 Bypass South
    Murrells Inlet, SC 29576
    Telephone: 843-904-7001
    Fax: 843-996-1899
    Customer Care Center: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    349 Folly Road, Suite 2B
    Charleston, SC 29412
    Telephone: 843-795-8484
    Fax: 843-795-8482

    Telephone: 1.800.310.0326
    Customer Care Center: 1.866.433.3187

    3102 Oak Lawn Ave, Suite 202
    Dallas, TX 75219
    Telephone: 214-871-9700
    Fax: 214-889-9980
    Customer Care Center (24/7 assistance): 877-378-2388

    11351 Random Hills Road, Suite 500
    Fairfax, VA 22030
    Telephone: 703.385.1133
    Toll-Free: 1.866.433.3187
    Fax: 703.591.5785
    Customer Care Center: 703.385.1133
    After Hours Emergency: 703.385.1133

    11351 Random Hills Road, Suite 500
    Fairfax, VA 22020
    Telephone: 703.385.1133
    Toll-Free: 1.866.433.3187
    Fax: 703.591.5785
    Customer Care Center: 703.385.1133
    After Hours Emergency: 703.385.1133

    11351 Random Hills Road, Suite 500
    Fairfax, VA 22020
    Telephone: 703.385.1133
    Toll-Free: 1.866.433.3187
    Fax: 703.591.5785
    Customer Care Center: 703.385.1133
    After Hours Emergency: 703.385.1133

    FirstService Residential Property Management had acquired Simerra Property Management, many staff are still the same.

    Is First Service Residential / FirstService Residential Management Company the management company for your building? Have you dealt with them before? Please post your reviews about them here.

    If you have any compliments, comments, reviews, issues, complaints, scam complaints, reports about First Service Residential you may post them here.

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    Upon further research I have accumulated an influx of negative reviews pertaining to FirstService Residential Property Management.

    Anyone who wishes to make a complaint or share their own negative experience with the company can reply to this post. I also encourage you to send your complaints to The Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO)

    Here are the reviews found in

    FirstService Residential - BOARD ELECTION FRAUD

    Randi Sue Fisher and her supervisor Turner Billups who both work for the management company First Service Residential fraudulently switched the ballots in our election choosing candidates sympathetic to the management company and securing their employ by the condo.

    September 29 Posted by: ValuableMacaw899


    FirstService Residential in New York, New York - Are they taking monies from unsuspecting applicants never to process

    FirstService Residential - These people are scammers and fraudulent

    I live in Florida in a building managed by these con artists. One of their high personnel, Randi Sue Fisher should go to jail for doing illegal activity in the building like stealing money from our funds,,changing the yearly votes to please the corrupt Board. She will do anything for keeping her job. She is a total idiot and her employees know nothing as well. This company is for the dogs!!!!! Move out from any building with First Service!!!! They are a disgrace! They stole all our money in Florida.



    We have the same outrageous fees here This is fraud

    Class action? A co worker is taking them to court. The suggestion from his high profile lawyer, we all need to file suit.

    What are we doing bout this? What is NYC doing?

    Who has reported this? Are there multiple lawsuits as we are being told?

    FirstService Residential in Riverview, Florida - POA obviously didn't research company

    Our development hired Firstservice a year ago, and they have been horrible. Poor customer service, unprofessional staff, non-responsive to reports of damage, weak technology, no collaboration, no communication, etc. I am not aware of any resident who is happy with them, and I cannot think of one good thing to say about them. Our POA could not possibly have done their due diligence prior to hiring.

    Seems this company is inherently bad, nationwide. They manage the HOA where I live in Texas. Awful.

    Thank you for writing true review. Beware that they do not like true facts being placed in the public domain for reciew.They have now threatened to place a fine

    FirstService Residential - Missing condo funds

    Condo board notified of missing condo funds and management employee fired. Why wasn't the funds replaced??? The grounds are a mess and overall property deteriorated.

    Randi Sue Fisher isnt doing her job


    First Services Residential Property Manager PAUL here in Boca Raton, CV once threatened to come to my home and put his foot up my ***

    Then another time he actually came to my home over nonsense,. and started shouting at me.

    I reported him, but they don't care.

    He is still here mistreating owners in good stands like me and giving owners no respect.

    The guy also hangs around the gas station bragging about his gun and the teeth marks in his knuckles. SOMEBODY HELP!!!!

    Reason of review: Poor customer service.

    Monetary Loss: $10.

    Preferred solution: Price reduction.

    FirstService Residential Cons: Idiots.

    Almost certainly there are at least two sides to this story. If you are in danger or think you could be in danger you need to contact law enforcement.

    At the same time, if you fear for your life or safety, you need to leave and then contact law enforcement. Sorry for you to be in a bad place.

    More sorry that you did not understand what you need to do to help yourself. Please consider this post and take action to protect yourself.

    FirstService Residential - Inexperienced and unresponsive

    We have FS Residential for handling property management at Princeton Landing NJ. They have been a major disappointment. Anna DeSimone who handles all work order related issues has to be mailed thrice before a response can be got. Also I don't think she understands construction. For a simple issue like drain not running she asked the team to look for anything obstructing the drain and they replied they could not see any obstruction and she closed the ticket. For my roof leaking it has been 2 months and even after pestering her the work order is not ready yet. Unbelievably inefficient.

    FirstService Residential - Dishonest Company

    I brought to the attention of HR that someone was favoring an employee by giving hours of OT, This is charged to the association which also includes burden charges. (Thats profit to FSR,) without the manager or board approving or knowing - that is steeling, I requested a meeting which was never granted next thing I knew HR put me on paid suspension and refused to tell me why I was suspended,, my RD made lies up even cohorsed employees to fabricate lies then told the board it was me but had all the paperwork showing different, it was him! The board fought with the regional the President of South FL high rise and HR,, FSR threatened to sue the association if they took legal action or tried to cancel the contract but bottom line is legal fees would cost a lot for the association, at the end I got fired, and that is how this Hollywood office operates and I'm not the first to experience unfair un ethical retalitiion,, their are many past employees that have lost their job because . Florida is a right to work state and FSR plays that game,

    Someone at FSR should realize maybe u have bad apples in your corporate office and maybe should think about a third party HR firm to handle things like this so it's fair treatment and the truth is told, The inside of that Hollywood office (" the protected club") is why FSR loses properties because they have those type of dishonest people working for them, then report to the higher ups lies to cover themselves when they lose properties,

    FSR is actually a good company,, it just has a handful of bad people running the show at the hollywood office, if some higher ups maybe the CEO or from Canada corporate would make changes then it might turn around,

    Really look at what you lost especially out of the hollywood portfolio,,, Your motto this year is to Own It-

    Then do it!
    This location is the Hollywood office in Florida...
    This is very true as I had a similar incident. The Hollywood office is the worst


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      FirstService Residential - FRAUDULENT FIRST SERVICE

      First Service Residential ( FSV) is a publicy traded company on the NASDAQ. The headquarters in Hollywood, Fl and Toronto, Canada.

      They manage condos and HOA associations throught Canada and USA.

      They routinely get kickbacks from vendors and are involved in money laundering and wire fraud. They play games with your reserves and take large management fees and "burdens."

      Board members from these condo and HOA receive "perks" in order to be hired. They are run by mafia. Once they take hold of your community, they will drain the finances , take over the day to day operations and own your employees.

      You will regret ever hiring them. This will be the costliest mistake you can ever make .

      Please beware of all the problems you will encounter . You will be doomed and foolish hiring these people.

      Reason of review: Poor customer service.

      Monetary Loss: $15000.

      Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

      I agree.. I'm from the inside and I know that your statement is true.

      I wish someone from outside the FSR corportae office in Florida would come and look at what is going on here. I can't say anything as I will be fired.

      FirstService Residential - AWFUL COMPANY

      This is terrible management company only interested in profits. They will rob your Association blind . Please beware. If you complain they will use there lawyers to harrass you and even the police. Turner Billups is a nasty *** from Missouri who will strong arm you into doing what you dont want to do. He is huge *** and liar.

      They stole large sums of money from our Association claiming they didnt know where the money went,

      We went to the police and they turned the tables on us. Dont trust their customer service people . They are pathological liars and they will stop at nothing to get what they want. Please dont use these people . They are not to be trusted in any way or form.

      The CEO is an *** and wont return phonecalls. Their managers are ineffiective and STUPID STUPID

      Product or Service Mentioned: Firstservice Residential Ceo.

      Reason of review: Poor customer service.

      True, they threaten everyone not just the properties but employees too.

      They use lawyers to harrass you and intimidate you DO NOT TRUST FIRST SERVICE They will steal your monies from your HOA

      FirstService Residential - POOR CUSTOMER RELATIONS

      Their employees are below standard and incompetent.

      The manager is rude is has poor communications. They call the police on people that complain about things!!!!!!!!

      Maintenance supervisor lacks qualifications. He gossips about owners and does not supervise his staff.

      They are stupid people. They pretend to care about you but they are only about profits.

      They are on the stock market. They all care about profits and not people. They cover themselves by lying about situations.

      The CEO does not respond to complaints. Mr Fallon you are only about profits. You should go undercover and see how incompetent your staff are .

      Their regional managers have poor managerial skills. They cover for each other and are bold faced liars.

      Product or Service Mentioned: Firstservice Residential Manager.

      Reason of review: Poor customer service.

      Preferred solution: Full refund.

      FirstService Residential Cons: Ceo, Randi fisher, Turner billups.

      You are so right. This company is very dishonest. They are engaged in MONEY LAUDERING of monies

      FirstService Residential - First service residential makes up charges

      I own a home and first service residential manages our homeowner's association. I received a $50 lawn violation by mail.

      Within 2 months the lawn violation made it up to $154.09. They kept adding charge atop of charge. I paid my yearly dues (an additional $300) and sent many emails, placed dozens of phone calls and even mailed them a letter asking where the extra $104.09 came from. They refused to answer back, finally after many unsuccessful tries I finally got someone to reply only to find they had added an extra violation for fun, in addition to postage fees, administrative fees, just for kicks fees and lots of interest charges.

      My friends told me I could not fight HOA, that they can and do whatever they want, Finally, after much dismay over this one violation, I sent them the additional $154.09 to keep them off my back. Afterwards, they are still sending me more charges for I don't even know what. Please help!

      Is there any way I can get the HOA to stop making up fines and violations or do I just have to pay them whatever they want for eternity? This has got to be illegal to constantly harass home owners for no reason.

      Product or Service Mentioned: Firstservice Residential Customer Care.

      Reason of review: Pricing issue.

      Monetary Loss: $111.

      Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

      FirstService Residential Cons: That it takes too long to get a reply to a fine inquiry.


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        Here are the reviews found in Google:

        “Unbelievably Terrible... Try and move in or out..good luck. They tell you the elevator isn't available and you need to book it to suit them. Can start that process weeks in advance, still can't manage to book it when it suits me. What? I am held prisoner in the building until you let me out? Also have to go downtown to pick it up. Got downtown after rearranging everything to be denied the key because they didn't have anyone on site to "drape the elevator". Then threatened to ensure we were fined if we went ahead and moved. When we said fine, do it, we're moving anyhow... suddenly they had someone. Now our tenants are moving out and yet again making the trek downtown to pay for parking to get the key. No ability to keep the key in the building??? Total joke. Given the ongoing experiences of people it seems its par for the course. Don't bother replying FSR - I don't believe anything you're going to tell me..”

        “I cannot stress this enough... Avoid this company at all costs! Do NOT purchase a condo if they are involved with the management whatsoever. I have never experienced a company with such poor communication, and unknowledgeable/unhelpful staff. I receive more letters in correction to their errors than I have received important information.

        Currently, I am having an issue paying a Special Assessment fee (for my 2 year old building, because all of a sudden it is important to upgrade the pipes, conveniently right after the builders warranty is expired). Instead of receiving a letter explaining that I was being charged for a Special Assessment, I was only sent a letter saying my account is now in arrears because I have this outstanding balance. I called the Customer Care Centre THREE times and each time no one could tell me what this charge is for (before I figured it out myself). Trying to actually pay for the charge has been a whole other complication... after contacting my community manager multiple times and being passed along to different people, no one can tell me how I can pay this charge. They have resorted to telling me to call a partner company, and try and set up a payment that way. Not very comforting when $100's are being transferred.

        I wish I could copy the email exchange into this because I can't even describe to the extent of how unhelpful every representative is. Not a single question is answered, they simply just continuously pass you on to another representative or in my case, another company entirely.

        Needless to say... our condo is for sale!”

        “Zero Stars.

        This has to be the worst management company out there. As a renter here is a list of issues I experienced:
        - Made multiple errors on rental agreement. Then asked me to white out certain items.
        - Wrong dates enter in contract agreement.
        - Rental agreement was missing move-in cost information
        - Did not provide key for fire exit
        - Did not advise of my storage locker number
        - Informed me that my tenancy was ending when it was actually half way over.
        - Could not schedule a move out inspection
        - Did not bring the move-in inspection to the move out inspection, had to ask for my copy.
        - Consistently had to email multiple times for a response.
        I am sure I am forgetting many more. AVOID AVOID AVOID.”

        “Painful to deal with on any level. Cannot get ahold of anyone. Only way to get ahold of them is the customer service number. They actually answer the phone. If you need the Calgary office, good luck! Why hire people that refuse to do their job or call you back? What's the point?”

        “I have left messages three weeks in a row requesting information on their service to rent out my condo in a highrise building they manage. The manager simply won't return my call. I see from the reviews that I am better off finding a more reputable property manager.”

        “There should be a zero star rating. Our apartment complex has had a severe sewage leak coming from a building drain for over a week. Countless occupants have reached out to first residential on multiple occasions. They have stated they will "monitor the situation" and come take a look "as soon as possible". Both these statements translate to do absolutely nothing...... I am sure first residential will respond to this review with something like "thank you for your review, we take your concerns very seriously, and will investigate the situation immediately." Which also translates to... do absolutely nothing.”

        “I have sent you emails Jill, and called a thousand times. And nothing was done until I told the fire inspector that my apartment had holes in and didnt meet fire code. Only then did your horrible hack contractors come in and took over two weeks to patch some simple holes.

        Absolutely avoid this company and save yourself a massive headache. Worst management company ever!”

        “First Service has been, collectively, the worst customer service experience I have ever had. I have endured numerous issues with my building [often stemming from the fact that the vast majority of the tenants are renters (many units are used exclusively as Airbnb), and the management company/board does not practice any oversight with the rental of units]. Notably: our exterior windows do not get professionally cleaned (unless I complain, and then First Service Residential gripes about the cost); there is frequent theft and vandalism, and none of the tenants are made aware by management of what happened, or advised of a resolution; there are only 2 security cameras in the building (one in the lobby and one in the parkade), when having more - as I have repeatedly suggested - would deter crime and bylaw infractions, and allow management to fine the wrongdoer; complaints about disruptive tenants are not addressed; emails to our manager (formerly Lisa Robbins; now Grant Becker), when not ignored entirely, are responded to with indignation; none other than one of the condo board members actually live in this building (so they do not see the problems first hand), and I know of only ONE time in four years that the property manager has actually stepped foot on this property. That being said, this following scenario exemplifies First Service Residential: Recently, condo owners received a series of emails regarding a water main break and a destroyed hot water tank. The second to last email advised us that “Enmax is on their way to turn the water and electricity off as soon as possible. These services may be off for the next few days so all residents are urged to find alternate arrangements until further notice.” What “alternate arrangements” people (particularly those with pets) were expected to find is anyone’s guess. The last email received stated “Please note, we have been advised that the water break issue is under control however for the next 48-72 hours, there will be no hot water or heating available to the units. There will be electricity so you may stay in your units but please be aware that there will be no domestic hot water for showers and no heating to your units.” The following morning, I was awoken at 6:00 with a recorded greeting from the property manager stating that the building was without water and electricity, and that residents are “recommended to leave the building.” I could see that we did indeed have electricity and cold water, so I contacted the call centre for clarification. Upon doing so, I was told that the most recent information they had was that the building is only without hot water and that residents “may stay"; she was rude and dismissive when I reiterated what the voicemail stated. When I demanded that she reconcile this incongruent information, I was put on hold, and when she returned, she advised that, as she could not reach management, “it’s best to vacate”. Seeing as I did indeed have cold running water and electricity, I did not take her advice (her best guess). Two days later, we received an email stating that “the board has voted to replace the hot water tank”. THE BOARD HAS VOTED TO REPLACE OUR BROKEN TANK?!? Was this where we were supposed to thank the board for letting us have hot water?? Obviously being without hot water was inconvenient. Luckily for me, I had the option of taking a couple personal days from work and of showering at the gym or at friends’ houses. My primary concern is that we were advised to leave; no empathy, no workarounds (e.g., arranging a water truck when it was thought we would be without water altogether, so that we could at the very least give our pets water and flush our toilets etc.). It is inconceivable to me that a condo owner in this building - who pays condo fees for water - would be advised to leave as the only option (not be offered a hotel, for instance, which should be covered by their insurance), and then have management make it sound as though we were being bestowed a favour by having our hot water tank replaced.”


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          “I am a landlord, and for the past month, i had too many communication issues with FSR. my tenant moved out by end of June. and i literally received no update information on my condo. i tried to call them many times, and emailed periodically. but received no call back or any form of communication. it seems that they only contact me when i have to pay something. my suggestion is that, if you don't have to use them, please don't. it will save you a lot of energy and time.”

          “I wish I can give zero star for this company. They owe me some money back in April and still haven't paid me back. I contacted the regional manager and was told it will be taken care of. Nothing happened and they igonred my emails and vms. When I finally visited their office in June, the client manager promised me that she will send me a cheque by the following week yet I still haven't received. Again they have been ignoring my emails and vms as usual. It's just ridiculous how they run the business. I AM STILL WAITING FOR MY CHEQUE and strongly advise you to stay away from this company.”

          “This resident management company is a joke.

          Took possession of my condo October 2018, first 2 almost 3 weeks, had no hot water. After contacting the builder and condo management multiple times, and being told over and over again to 'just run the hot water for 15 minutes' and me running it for over two hours with no change (on multiple occasions), I finally contacted my lawyer. Funny how as soon as my lawyer got involved, there was hot water the very next day. That was just my first taste of what I would be dealing with for the next 7 months. For months now, I've been having an issue of relentless banging and thumping that persists at all hours of the day. No joke, it sounds like an elephant was let loose in the unit above me. After calling the two building security/managers in house, as well as the building maintenance manager, with no results, I decided a note might do the trick. Well according to the tenants above me, they are never home the times I had recorded and they have been hearing banging noises too. (highly unlikely as I hear these noises ALL the time, and I find it hard to believe, that if they have been hearing what I have, that it wouldn't be driving them mental as well). I suggested that the security/managers come for a visit and have a listen. A) if it is coming from above me, then they should work their way up to pinpoint where the noise is coming from and B) if it isn't human made noises, and it's noises coming from the building (it's not as I hear loud banding and thumping, footsteps and jumping etc, but hey, what do I know? I only have to live with it and listen to it on a daily basis) then there is serious problem with this building and they need to get the builders in to sort it out and fix the problem. When that didn't work, I decided to email Jennifer Milz. I provided her with detailed information as to the frequency of the banging, recorded times and even video recordings of what I have been hearing. At first, it seemed like she was trying to help me sort out the issue at hand. She said that a notice would be sent to the tenants above. I'm not sure if that was ever done since that was months ago, and nothing has changed. She followed up with me once and when I informed her that there was absolutely no change, she asked that I give her a few days to 'think of a solution'. When I didn't hear back from her, I tried to follow up with calls and emails, could never get a hold of her and only got a response back once I told her that I was now back in contact with my lawyer about this. That was about 3-4 week's ago.... since then I have tried to follow up. Again, no response.

          Yeah, keep sending us emails about adding charges to our monthly fees (also found it interesting that I haven't been able to get a response from Jennifer about my ongoing complaint, but have been receiving all sorts of emails regarding new fees being added to our monthly payments and reminding us to submit our PAD agreements or setting up electronic payment plans or whatever) but ignore us and leave us out to dry when we need you to ACTUALLY do your job and manage the building/property.

          Amongst other situations that I have had to deal with with you guys, I'm really trying to pick and choose my battles here. Some of the situations I have tried very hard to be patient or just move on from. I have been doing my best to be a good neighbour and follow the obvious rules. I ask my questions when I have them to avoid being 'that guy'. I've been following every set of rules you people keep reminding us of and I do my due diligence when it comes to being a courteous resident of this property. Apparently that is not enough. Just earlier today, you guys managed to once again without even batting an eye, completely NOT do your job and leave me with another pile of frustration and stress that I truly don't need.

          I'm done being patient and understanding with you people. I'll just be leaving my frustrations with you lot on here from now on.

          Great job on being utterly piss poor at your job guys. Seriously. Bravo.”


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            “Horrible company. You don't want to live where they're managing. I've lived in two places they've managed. Heavy handed, abusive to tenants and don't respond when needed. Avoid them at all costs. They must be cheap and hire poor quality staff. No stars Well they did followup after continuing to raise the issue - within a day though. The Community Manager distorted the situation to the Board and as a result, cost a tenant $200 a box for two tiny boxes. I doubt she represented it fairly because she can't admit she made a mistake and distorted the situation to make it look worse. They hide behind the Board or probably one Board member and the Board hides behind them. No system of fine levies is provided and they don't seem to know the law when it comes to denying access to tenants. So, no I don't believe this is a well run organization. Sorry FSR.”


            “AWFUL COMPANY THAT BORDERS ON CRIMINAL! Not only is there 0 communication about anything important, but they also threaten you with fines and send nasty letters about tiny things like welcome mats and your window being left open in July...... They are always in your business about the tiniest things... but the second anything big happens in the building and you need them? They're no where to be found! All they do is transfer your call 100 times and then never call you back! AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!”


            “This company is terrible. I lived in a condo managed by these people. When you need them to do their job they will delay and ignore you for months. I called the main office to report issues and they transferred me to a smaller branch, but once I explained again what the issue was the smaller branch told me I need to call the main office. The only way I've ever been able to get them to do what they are paid to is by getting lawyers involved. It's ironic because if they think you owe them money they will come at you non stop. If your residence's management is taken over by this company it means that the owner has given up because these guys are extremely cheap and it shows. Absolutely terrible company.”


            “The front office staff are great, and always friendly. However my dealings with my community manager, Lisa Robbins, has been a complete headache. I don't know if it's ineptitude or just a lack of care about her job, but it is always the worst part of my day when I have to contact FirstService regarding my rental properties. As a company, you need to aim higher.”


            “This company is absolutely 0 star. We rent 2 bedroom condo in Brentwood area from June 2018 to June 2019. This company never let me know internet already connect in this condo. After 6 month, This company charge $565 for internet service which is never used this service. I visit this office 1 weeks ago to talk about this problem. And responsible staff told me " You have to pay internet even if you didn't use service." And he Just back office and never answer my phone and email. I can't believe this company located in Canada. Please don't use this company to rent any house or condo. Even 0 star is waste to this company.”


            “Worst company I’ve ever dealt with. Complete scam! Never responses on time! Forgot to install smoke detectors in the residence! And made up charges to skim off the security deposit, only to disappear when you come to ask for proof that the replacements and services were actually done.... never deal with this very unprofessional and very poorly run company.”


            “AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. 0 stars. Woke up at 9 to water shut off, email sent ten minutes ago warning of shut off that actually started at 8am and will be going til 6pm. It’s for pipe replacement too so they obviously knew about this for a while. This has happened SO many times I can’t even count and we’ve only been here for a year. SO POORLY MANAGED. ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE. How they’re still running is a mystery.”


            “Useless is an understatement. They overdrew my account multiple times by over $700 'by mistake'. Think I can actually speak to someone or actually have someone return my calls regarding fees incurred? Right. The most incompetent excuse for a company I've ever come across, and these days that is quite the accomplishment. Pathetic.”


            “This company really needs a "face lift" on all area! from receptionist to property managers... hardly get any respond when residents having disappointed! I urge company should send a survey and find out "How are they doing" ....”


            “ZERO STARS.... They do not deserve any stars at all. How is this even considered a company that only extorts money out of the residents that live there. Have no problem sending emails of accusations and no proof. Doesn't bother evaluating the situation. Will not reply to any emails about any situations and has the audacity to levy a fine without any sort of communication or clarity. This is the worse company or so called "management" company that I've ever dealt with. Also they ask to book the elevator 5 days ahead you call them and email them to no response and they fine you. Anyone thinking of moving into anywhere that is under this extorting company AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Save yourself headache, stress and money. Living under this company has made me feel like a PRISONER in my own home. Have to tip toe around walking on egg shells, even watching tv or listen to music would get you a fine.”


            “I agree ZERO stars should be an option for this unprofessional “company” who I am very surprised is still in business. Every review on here sums up my feelings for this so called business. If you are ever considering buying a property managed by First Service, don’t, and run the opposite direction.

            Note to first service: don’t attempt to respond to me on here, I’m well aware of your games.”


            “I have several issues with FirstService.
            1. I had a crack formed in the house in January. FirstService representatives visited the house around that time and tenants informed them about it. That crack was due to structural problem in the house. I learned about that crack in August from the tenant!
            2. I have been reaching out to Erin Smith and others for four months to get income statements for the entire year. I never received a single reply from her. After I switched to calling, and I learned from another person that she simply didn't have access to them because of database issue. I am still waiting for them. I have no idea when I would receive them, but I will need them really soon to do my taxes.
            3. FirstService can only rent out a place, but not take care of it even though they get paid monthly from rent payments. If there's an issue in the house (toilets need repairs, irrigation system needs to be blown out, etc), they will charge fees if they make arrangements for that themselves. So I always had to organize everything myself, and I had tenants info to coordinate the time because of that. Also, they do not make arrangements with the tenants to clean the house before moving out unless you tell them. They would not change the filter in the humidifier, and they would never do any other quick maintenance work required for the house. So if you do not live in the city, FirstService will rent out your place for you and sometimes forward emails from tenants, but they would not take care of your property.”


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              “I see all comments have received a response. That is great. On the other hand, in reality, when I submitted a complaint about an unfair fine levied on my property to the community manager, time after time, I got nothing. Then I was provided a fax number and email to submit a dispute. It went to a person at the bottom of the food chain who sent it back again to the community manager. This means if you have a complaint about the community manager, you submit it to her!!!! This is unfair. The appeal on a decision should not be made by the same group of people who made the decision at the first place, without asking for any explanation from me. They did not even submit a second notice before penalizing me. This is a very unfair business. I will do my best to "Go Public" on this.”


              “I would give them zero if I could. From the day I took possession of my condo until now ( year and a half later ) they have consistently been a train wreck. Trying to get a hold of them for the okay to move in and to get access to elevator - process took 5 days for a response. I simply just moved in anyways lol since then, my name is spelt wrong on intercom, buzzer doesn’t work, parkade garage doesn’t open ( if it does, it takes about 5 mins ) When I bring up these issues, I generally don’t get a response and IF I am ever so lucky to receive an email, it isn’t helpful and they say “it’s an isolated incident” I work for a residents assocation. So I know what is the responsibility of the homeowner and what is the responsibility of the condo board/management. So I am, obviously, disturbed at how they handle issues. Their customer service is abysmal, at best. I also got told my condo fees would cover a quick visit I needed from maintenance/electricians. They came in for 5 mins and I was charged $200. Even though I had it IN WRITING that it would be covered. Absolute crooks. I can’t wait to sell the place. But I refuse to break the mortgage lol 3 more years of this nonsense. If you are narrowing it down to a few places when buying and you see First Residential, you should definitely rethink. I had a condo doc review and even HE told me FS was brutal - I didn’t listen, so I hope this helps the next buyer!!!”


              “Terrible customer service. The lady I spoke with was condescending and rude. I just read through all of the comments and I have experienced pretty much everything everyone else has and I am not surprised. Avoid this company at all cost.”


              “TERRIBLE property management company. I own a few condos and this management company is by far the worst. They don't respond to phone calls, emails and have no way of being able to contact them. They don't even visit the condo building ever. Every time we have to contact then about something, they want us to send a picture cause they're too lazy to drive over and look at it themselves. We've recently complained about landscape issues - they turn on the sprinklers 5 times a day when it's raining so the ground is soggy and has been destroyed by mowing equipment. Now it's started snowing and they didn't salt the walkways or parking lot, so everything has turned into black ice. But of course, you can't get in touch with them. Avoid this company at all costs if you can! We finally managed to get a reply by email yesterday and all they did was defer the email to someone else and not even solve or acknowledge the problem. That's how the company runs, they constantly defer or ignore emails - and do nothing for the money they are paid. As requested, I sent an email to Jill after she responded to the Google Review - but in typical First Residential Service manner, never actually got a response back.’


              “We are being penalized for another unit's problem by this company when it is clearly stated on the invoice that a different unit had the problem. They're also not replying to emails to clarify the situation.”


              “I had exactly same problem as others who complained about their charges. Account receivable admitted making a mistake for not sending reminder and all of a sudden you got extra charge. Trying to contact their property manager, called the toll free number, you ended up dealing with the one that did not reply and said to you the charge was from board of directors.”

              “No Star is what they deserve.

              The huge problem with FSR is that they only care to have the contract renewal going. This is why they will only care what the president of the board member will say..

              FSR managers or at least the one we have, every single time tell you 'single point of contact policy between the board and FSR'. They do not want to address with any other board member anything nor with owners. Owners requests or concerns got to a black hole. Customer service to a black hole. I reported a brake and they send their vendor. The vendor was going to be next day and has not shown up.

              In the past 3 years, the building has had 3 "managers" why? It must be because they do an amazing job on doing nothing. All of them unable to provide the service they claim 'providing you with the very best service, so that you can live the happy, healthy life you deserve'. I have been living the nightmare thanks to them.

              The current manager is unable to address a solutions and communications to owners and residents. It was clear at a recent meeting.

              Plus their priority are their contractors, not the board, not the owners.

              Do not listen to the reply they give in this. All is a lie, they are not interested in fixing or addressing issues. The moment you complain, and they make you contact any other staff or the regional management it is just a pretentious way to make you think they will address your issues. At the end they will just justify their staff.

              Have you notice how many times your manager is away? sometimes for a week? And the excuses behind are just amazing.

              It appears to be a big company but in reality it does not have a lot of staff to address things that's why the are all with so many emails and managing so many buildings.

              Most of the time the FSR employees are in constant vacation that takes between 1 and 2 weeks. I just can't believe a large company like these has constant vacations...

              Don't even get me started on their accounting...”


              “Google should allow people to give zero star. This management company is by far the worst I’ve dealt with in the past ten years. Do not let its low fees intice you. You get what you pay for. I’ve had heat loss in my unit (maybe building?) for nearly four days now. Emailed the property manager a few times to finally get a response that a contractor is going out yesterday to troubleshoot. He had to add that my expectations that he’ll reply to his emails promptly is not okay. What if he’s on a long project and not checking emails for a prolonged period of time? I wanted to answer, then you put your “out of office” or “not checking email” auto reply on! He gave me the customer service lines (business hours and after hours). Last night, heat still not fixed. Called after hours service. Lady was not nice and didn’t know anything. I feel people at this management company has zero understanding about customer service and really could care less for the well being of the owners/tenants of any building they manage. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

              Nov 7 - heating issue still not fixed. This management company finally sent out a notice today advising the others of the heating issues. Said that someone will be out to fix it. That someone has been out at least three times and nothing has been fixed. The notice is also stating that less than optimal temperature that is not below 17 is not a health risk according to Alberta Health Services. I replied that I am paying for the heat and I expect optimal heat at all times. It is not a free service they are providing!!!!

              Nov 11 - heating issue was fixed temporarily and again broken today. Called the after hours “customer service” (May as well be a computer automated line) line and they can’t do anything but dispatch a tech. I may or may not be charged. No one that is related to this company knows anything. Emailed the property manager who I don’t expect to reply until he pleases next week and will go through the whole process again. This building is 2 years old, it should not have continuous heating issues.”


              “The review below is quite correct. There should be a zero star option. This company only extorts money from its residents. They don’t answer the emails sent and they don’t try to work with the paying clients. At the end of the day, they are only trying to make a quick dollar off the resident. I asked if I could have all my mail in paperless form-no response. I asked if they could waive a ridiculous fee applied to my account since I was trying to make a payment in other froms such as etransfers or as credit card or online, prior to a notice they sent via snail mail instead of email! I always pay my account via debit over years!!! I couldn’t make it to the office durning the hours open conflicting with my new work hours. They should be able to accept other forms of quick payment, by phone or email.Ridiculous. No one uses cheque’s !! Plus they shouldn’t just apply a fee to your account out of nowhere without prior email before! They seem to email me everything but the important things?? And should be able view my records seeing that you do make my payments via debit and obviously out of nature for you not too! And there should be able to have some way of disputing the fee instead not answering the questions via email and not responding. Terrible customer service. Zero star rating please.”


              “Zero Stars. I would highly recommend anyone to walk away from any property if going through FirstService Residential. Does not understand and even try to accomodate you. I have never seen such an unethical and unprofessional property management group in my life. Please stay away from this group if your property is managed by them!”


              “It is always the same deal they don't even attempt to deliver and then they sent you a notification that they failed the delivery attempt because you are not available. Please attempt to walk to the intercom and read the receiver name or unit number and then dial the number in front of that name by then you will have a successful attempt!”


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                And there are a lot more! the board of directors that chose to keep the same management active from the time the building was built till now should really be investigated together with the management, something is going on!!!


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                  Here is another website found that talks about First Service Residential scam complaints

                  I’m glad I moved out and don’t have to deal with them.


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                    You shouldn’t have my dear, if anything they should’ve moved out and not the unit owners.

                    I read many complaints about them here posted by a ton of people, my question to the board of directors of the vineyards, why are they still here?


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                      I live in a condo "managed " by First Service residential. They provide fraudulent financials in cooperation with the Treasurer Vart Adjemian . Also involved are Richard Bazerghi and Andre Muchanteff....Known as the THIEF FROM MONTREAL.

                      They receive kickbacks from vendors and don't pay maintenance fees.


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                        Originally posted by vincenzo123 View Post
                        I live in a condo "managed " by First Service residential. They provide fraudulent financials in cooperation with the Treasurer Vart Adjemian . Also involved are Richard Bazerghi and Andre Muchanteff....Known as the THIEF FROM MONTREAL.

                        They receive kickbacks from vendors and don't pay maintenance fees.
                        Hello Vincenzo123,

                        Welcome to CondoBBS! Please tell us more about what you said, we would love to hear more details.

                        Also, may I ask how you found out about

                        I’m currently traveling and therefore my internet access is limited, I will check back later for updates.

                        Thank you!


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                          The absolute worst company to deal with. The personnel they hire are lazy, incompetent, unprofessional and all they do is try and rip off the residents of the properties they manage. If your even considering hiring this firm, do yourself a favor and don't unless you want stuff done incorrectly, unprofessionally, and half assed. If your a resident of a building that utilizes, this lousy firm, good luck.. only advise i can offer is get out of the property immediately before they rip you off with countless late fees, excessive over charges, denial of responsibility for covered repairs, poor workmanship and lousy customer service. If i could rate them less than 1 i would, as a company, they are sub-standard at best.